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Crow’s Eye Press Release


Crow’s Eye is a young and dynamic ready-to-wear brand, inspired by practical shooting
and images of masculinity, courage and honor embodied in fearless warriors as diverse as Odin and John Wick.


Working in close collaboration with professional sportsmen and women, the architects
of the brand have endowed every detail with a hidden meaning, understood only by aficionados.  The side slits on the jackets allow for quick and easy access to one’s weapon.  Thick elbow patches protect snipers during long periods of waiting.  Quilted ‘epaulettes’, which resemble knights’ armor, imitate elements of tactical uniform, while warm vests with leather inserts resemble their bulletproof equivalents.


There are no arbitrary elements here – the designers remain faithful to the brand’s DNA even
in the smallest of details.  The pullers of the zips mimic Kalashnikov 7.62 bullets.  The scarlet touches echo the bead of a gun’s sights.  The brand’s ‘emblem’ features a crow, a constant companion to Odin, the Norse god of war.  The supreme patron of the Vikings was considered not only the god of fury and brute force, but also of wisdom.  Huginn and Muninn, the two crows who resided on each of Odin’s shoulders, served as his eyes and his scouts.


He who possesses great strength is always burdened with great responsibility, that is why every Crow’s Eye item of clothing bears a label with the essential gun safety rules. 


As well as timeless ideals, the collection also reflects the latest trends.  The shield-shaped velvet patches on the jackets, a ‘formal’ fabric in the Autumn/Winter season, becomes a legitimate part of a man’s casual wardrobe.  Monochrome strips, emblazoned with the brand name, appear as part of the décor for those logo enthusiasts.  The creators of Crow’s Eye, just like their customers, do not chase fleeting trends, incorporating them instead into their personal style – subdued and dignified but always fresh.  This is a brand for those who value individualism and lead an active life style.


The DNA of the brand is not made up solely of practical shooting.  The collection, which was conceived and designed in Milan and manufactured in the oldest factories of Northern Italy,
is the quintessence of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand.  The combative spirit is offset by the luxurious execution: lavish fabrics and hardware, produced by the best suppliers in Italy, the greatest attention to detail and the most rigorous quality control.